Trefranck Farm is proud to have hosted the 10th anniversary event for Innovative Farmers.

Our farm has been a part of the Innovative Farmers network since its inception and we are thrilled to see how far the organization has come in a decade. It was an honour to have His Royal Highness, The Duke of Cornwall, visit our farm and see the farmer-led research in action.

Our involvement with Innovative Farmers has been a fantastic opportunity for our farm to contribute to national research and share knowledge with other farmers. The field labs we have participated in have given us the chance to try new practices and experiment with sustainable farming methods. The network has also provided us with the resources and support we need to conduct scientific research on our farm, which we believe is vital to the future of agriculture.

At Trefranck Farm, we are committed to sustainable and nature-friendly farming practices. We believe that farmer-led research is essential for developing innovative solutions to the challenges facing the industry today. It was inspiring to see the results of the various field labs at the event and hear how other farmers are working to improve their operations.

One of the highlights of the event was the living mulch field lab, which we have participated in ourselves. This practice has shown promise in reducing the need for ploughing, weedkillers, and artificial fertilisers. It was wonderful to see His Royal Highness take an interest in this field lab and its potential benefits for the industry.

Innovative Farmers has been a game-changer for the farming community. The success of the network over the past decade has shown that farmer-led research can lead to real change in the industry. It was inspiring to hear about the various nature-based farming solutions shared at the event, such as using woodchip to tackle weeds and predatory insects to fight pests.

We were particularly pleased to learn about Innovative Farmers’ involvement with Farm Net Zero, a National Lottery Climate Action Fund supported project that will be collecting data from farms including Trefranck Farm to showcase how farming can contribute towards the UK’s net zero goals. As a farm committed to sustainability, we are excited to be a part of this project and contribute to the national effort to address climate change.

The event was an excellent opportunity to connect with other farmers, government advisors, and influential farming organizations. It was inspiring to see so many people come together to celebrate the success of farmer-led research and discuss the future of agriculture.

At Trefranck Farm, we are proud to be a part of the Innovative Farmers network and committed to supporting national research where possible. We believe that farmer-led research is the key to creating a sustainable and profitable future for the farming industry. We look forward to continuing our involvement with Innovative Farmers and seeing the positive impact of farmer-led research in the years to come.

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