Sheep Shearing World Records: A Legacy at Trefranck Farm

Matt Smith, 9 Hour Strong Well Ewe Record. 26th July 2016.

Trefranck Farm is the proud host of several remarkable Sheep Shearing World Records. We are delighted to share the incredible achievements that have taken place on our farm, bringing together talented shearers, enthusiastic supporters, and charitable causes. It is an honour to have been selected to host these extraordinary events over the years.

Let`s dive into the first event that kickstarted this remarkable series. On the 26th of July 2016, we witnessed a groundbreaking performance by our very own renowned shearer, Matt Smith. With determination and expertise, Matt set a lasting world record in the 9-hour strong wool ewe category, shearing an astonishing total of 731 sheep. It is with immense pride that he can still claim this record as his own, showcasing his exceptional skill and dedication. The event also served a greater purpose, raising an impressive £2945.76 in support of the Children`s Hospice Southwest.

Just a few days later, on the 31st of July 2016, Trefranck Farm once again became the centre of attention for the shearing world. This time, Ivan Scott from Ireland took the stage, aiming to secure the 9-hour strong wool lamb world record. Ivan`s talent shone brightly as he tirelessly sheared an incredible 867 lambs. Although this record was later broken in 2021, it remains a cherished memory of an unforgettable achievement.

Fast forward to the 25th of July 2017, when the younger brother of Matt Smith, Rowland Smith, left his mark on the shearing world. In the 8-hour strong wool ewe category, Rowland demonstrated his exceptional skills and tenacity, shearing a remarkable total of 644 sheep. This astounding feat still stands today, making us immensely proud of his accomplishments. The event also contributed £1318.64 to the Children`s Hospice Southwest, allowing us to support this worthy cause again.

The fourth event, held on the 28th of July 2021, brought a new record and a fresh sense of excitement to Trefranck Farm. Stuart Connor took the stage and tirelessly sheared for 9 hours, achieving an unprecedented total of 872 strong wool lambs. Stuart`s outstanding performance secured him a place in history, and the event raised an impressive £4401.56 for the Lily Foundation, a charity we are honoured to support.

In a historic moment for both Trefranck Farm and the shearing world, the most recent event took place on the 25th of August 2022. Marie Prebble stepped onto the stage as the first woman to attempt an 8-hour strong wool ewe world record. With sheer determination and undeniable skill, Marie expertly sheared 370 sheep, setting a remarkable benchmark for future female shearers. The event was groundbreaking and supported two great causes, raising £2500 each for St Luke`s Hospice and the Lily Foundation.

At Trefranck Farm, we are truly grateful to have been involved in these groundbreaking records. The energy and camaraderie shared among shearers, spectators, and all involved created an atmosphere that is unrivalled. We understand the importance of preparation in achieving these remarkable feats. Before each event, our team ensures the sheep are well cared for and ready for the stand.

As we look back on these incredible milestones, we want to express our deepest appreciation to all those involved. It is through the combined efforts of all involved that we are able to host such incredible events here at Trefranck Farm.

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